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Wordly Wise 3000 Book 7 Answers Online [Updated]




7 Comprehension 8 1. He said it was wrong to believe what the world thought about Jews. He is brave. 2. He did not like the course. He was surprised at the change in his behavior. 3.. I decided not to make any change. I chose not to think about it. 4. He said he was glad to hear that. He was happy. 5. They were taken by surprise. 6. You should not be alarmed. 7. The judge said that he should receive an award. 8. It is essential that a certain amount of money is spent. Use the following definitions of different parts of speech: 1. a: a person or thing that is alive. b: an organization that deals with practical business. 2. a: a person or group of people who are living in a certain area. b: the practice of teaching or learning a subject. 3. a: one of the main parts of speech. b: an animal that has a different life from other animals. 4. a: a word or group of words that shows the speaker's attitude or the way he/she feels. b: the letters in a name. 5. a: a person who works in a certain industry. b: a part of the body. 6. a: a person who teaches others or communicates knowledge. b: a number of a single digit. 7. a: to tell someone how to do something. b: an alphabet or a set of letters. 8. a: a group of people who have the same country or place in common. b: a motion that has made a point.. Wordly Wise 3000, Book 7 Student Book Answer Key 8. C. 8. b. 2E Passage. (Possible answers; students' sentences may vary.) 1.. I decided to go there and look for my keys. I am not going to get there. 2. He agreed with my decision to help. He said we should all do what we should do. 3.. I did not know where the man had gone. I thought he had left. 4.. You should not go there. You will be arrested. 5. He said he would not come. 6. The judge said that he should get the award. 7.. The judge is in favor of offering a reward. He said he would not offer a reward. 8.. The woman took a walk through the park with her friends. 9. He said we should not talk about work



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Wordly Wise 3000 Book 7 Answers Online [Updated]

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