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10 reasons why you need to read a blog written by a teenager (aka, me)

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people, citizens of distant epochs, who never knew one another. Books break the shackles of time--proof that humans can work magic."

Carl Sagan

"Why should I read the blog of a teenager?" That's a good question. You probably shouldn't. You probably know more than me. In fact, if you don't know more than me, then you will be much better off if you look at other resources online. The internet has everything you need to know and everything you don't need to know. I know. Crazy place. Absolutely bonkers.

However, before you leave, let me make my case. I have to learn how to effectively sell myself. So, here is my shot at doing so.

  1. I am interested in a very wide variety of topics and find myself drifting from one curriculum to another in efforts of figuring everything out. This wild curiosity keeps me up at night, making flowcharts in the air above my eyes, connecting absurd ideas to one another. This helps me in knowing more about the world and the tiny person like me who exists in it.

  2. I have been scolded for waking up in the middle of the night to make frantic notes of my midnight epiphanies. However, as a result of this annoying habit, I have collected a vast collection of notes, memorabilia and incoherent theories. This site is an attempt to record these observations in a more professional manner.

  3. I am a voracious reader and my blog might become a gateway drug to some of the most powerful thinkers of human history. This is because I quote them and steal passages from their books rather generously. Consider me to be more of a scribe. My personal ideas or opinions are expressed in my essays as explicit doubts but my beliefs are all borrowed from The Great Thinkers.

  4. So, what exactly is this website? It is self-help. Except, the only "self" I am helping is myself because I am young and stupid. If you are also young and stupid, join me.

  5. So, just another self-help website? Not exactly. *pauses for dramatic effect* *animated cartoon voice* It's much more than that! I hope to include brilliant ideas from fields of science, psychology, philosophy, literature, history, politics and even (brace yourselves) mathematics. You can't find the truth in a single place.

  6. I am from New Delhi, India. I may not share the same cultural vocabulary with people from around the world but I have discovered that a common human spirit dictates our whims, imaginations and actions. I hope to reveal that to you with my writings: "Nothing human is foreign to me."

  7. In a world where each of us is alone in our own bedrooms, fighting our solitary battles, I hope to create an online community. Together, we can build a shared vision of our ideals through our collective imagination, storytelling and insights and inspire each other to take effective action.

  8. I also write poems. So, there's that if you are interested. I am constantly trying to develop myself as a writer. I would be grateful if I receive ruthless feedback on what I write. This could be your good deed for the day.

  9. I am running out of reasons.

  10. It's free of cost. All in all, this is a pretty sweet deal.

I hope I have effectively guarded my position as a teenage blogger. Writing this blog post made me feel more sure of myself too. I am extremely grateful if you have chosen to further engage with my website. Welcome aboard.

Thank you for reading!

Dikshya Mohapatra.

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